Saturday, February 27, 2010

Anagrams anyone?

This isn't the sort of thing usually found on this blog, but I thought it amusing enough (yes, I'm easily amused) to post. It's an anagram generator. So I put my name in and here (drum roll please) are a few of my favorites:

A Boatmen Corny Turd

A Combat Dry Neutron

A Banned Curry Motto

So if you are also easily amused, you can give it a try right here:
Internet Anagram Server


Anonymous said...

A corny turd, eh?

That could explain a bit.

Raymond Betancourt said...

I agree...although why it should single out boatmen, I'll never know.

Anonymous said...

Ask no questions.

I got a lot of stuff with John in it. Which made me grin as that was my dad's name. That djinn.

I'm a genie in a bottle!

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